About Me

Luis is a sound designer, audio programmer, and web developer with a focus in interactive audio and video games. One of his most recent projects include his work as a Sound Designer and Audio Programmer for Clever Crow Games, where he designs and implements the soundscape with Unity3D. He also creates custom C# scripts to manage audio branching and layering transitions to make the audio more interactive.

Another recent project has been AudioSourceJS, which is a JavaScript plugin intended to help make the Web Audio API easier to work with by handling file loading, fades and gain adjustments, and other necessary audio tools.

In his free time, he helps design websites and blogs. While mainly a front end developer, Luis has extensive knowledge of creating fully integrated Wordpress Themes as well as custom CMS for clients who require it. His main programming languages include HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.


Sound Design

If you want your project to stand out, bring it to life with sound! I will help you create the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Dialogue & ADR

With an extensive tool set at my disposal, I can assist with any dialogue editing and production to make sure you get that pristine voice.

Front End Development

I have created and modified many CMS and framework templates, and I can an appropriate interaction design with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript / JQuery.

Audio Implementation

Whether it be Unity or UDK, FMOD, Wwise, or even Web Audio, my background in audio programming spans a number of tools and languages, including C# and JavaScript.


A great mix will immerse your audience in the project. I will take your work to the next level with stereo and 5.1 surround mixes for either music or media.


Making sure your website is user friendly, interactive, and engaging are the key factors to a successful design, and I'll make sure you get there.

Current Projects

Past Projects


Feel free to contact me using the social links above or the form below.